Trend alert; Teddy armchair and teddy chairs!

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Trend alert; Teddy armchair and teddy chairs!

An upcoming trend; the teddy trend! You love it or hate it. In any case, we are a total fan! Because who does not like soft furniture in the house that gives a wonderful warm appearance? In this blog, we tell you everything about the teddy trend. How you can combine these, what it is and how you add Teddy to your interior!

The eye-catcher in your living room; Teddy armchair and chairs

A real eye-catcher in your interior, that's what we all want. That you step into the room and immediately your eye catches that beautiful eye-catcher! With a teddy armchair in your living room or teddy chairs at your dining table, you will certainly succeed!

For example, you can choose to choose one model in teddy fabric at your dining table. This way you get a beautiful whole. This way you can especially enjoy a warm and comfortable after-dinner. But what is also a lot of fun to do, to combine different dining room chairs. Teddy chairs are easy to combine with other materials.

With a teddy armchair, you will certainly get that eye-catcher that you are looking for. A Teddy armchair makes your living room cozy in an instant. A teddy fabric armchair has what you expect from an armchair. Soft, fluffy, and incredibly comfortable.

Teddy armchair

Teddy fabric, what is it actually?

Teddy fabric, we hear it more and more in both fashion and the interior design industry. But what is it? We all know that Teddy is soft and fluffy and has the look of a sheepskin. But what is it made of?

Teddy is made from different fabrics. For example, there is a variant that is made of sheepskin and a variant of synthetic fabrics.

Nowadays synthetic fur is copied so well that it is hardly distinguishable from real fur. Synthetic sheepskin is often made of polyester in combination with acrylic. This combination mimics the pleated and smooth texture of real fur. The artificial fur is then painted in the desired color.

An advantage of the combination of these fabrics is that it is soft & supple. Besides, it is easy to maintain and also quite durable! A sustainable alternative to real fur that also remains in top condition for a long time!

Teddy armchair

Popular furniture and accessories in Teddy fabric

We hear it more and more, teddy, teddy. And that is not surprising, because the teddy trend has completely conquered interior lovers! From soft chairs, sheepskin armchairs, or cuddly cushions. Nowadays we see the fabric in more and more furniture & accessories.

After a long day, nothing is better than relaxing on a soft, fluffy armchair. Of course, it is also nice to be able to lift your legs while doing this. That is why there are also matching Teddy poufs. This way you can relax comfortably in style! Or take a little power nap with a lovely teddy pillow on your neck. Sounds great right? But there is also so much more furniture in Teddy, nothing is too crazy! Think of Teddy dining room chairs for the dining area. Or even an entire sofa in this soft, fluffy fabric! You can not think of it that bad.

Color palette Teddy

A Teddy armchair or Teddy chairs give a warm and secure feeling, just like your teddy bear from the past. Furniture made of Teddy fabric often already has a warm appearance due to the fabric itself. Partly because of this, furniture in Teddy fabric often comes in natural earth tones. They provide a harmonious and warm appearance. Extra nice when it is cold outside and you are nice and warm inside with the candles on!

Teddy chairs and armchairs combine

The soft teddy fabric can be perfectly combined with other materials. The combination of materials ensures that you can give your interior your own twist. For example, I combine teddy fabric very well with naturally full textures such as rattan and various types of wood. Together they create a warm and cozy place. Due to the use of often natural colors and the minimalist design, the fabric can also be perfectly placed in a Scandinavian interior or combine with any armchair. 

Add teddy fabric to your interior

Adding teddy furniture to your interior can therefore be done in many ways. Go for a real eye-catcher in your interior and unpack. Or keep it very calm and subtle and only go for a few teddy home accessories. That's the nice thing about the variation in Teddy fabric, so you can design it completely according to your wishes. Which cuddly soft item would you choose for your interior?


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