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Shop our wide range of styles and choose from the Accessories that suits you! (26)

We have all kinds of accessories varying from cushions to table globes.
All products are shipped within 24 hours. Check our offers for different suiting accessories.
Floor Protector Set - Barcelona Chair
Jeff Cushion
Buffalo Hide Leather Cushion
Multi Tweed Cushion
Large Vintage Globe
Small Vintage Globe
Marcel Wood Mirror
Drop light bulb LED
Round light bulb LED Ø4,5 cm
Marble light bulb LED Ø12,5 cm
Tube light bulb LED 18,5 cm
Alice Rug - Dark grey and white 180 X 122 cm
Brenda Rug - Beige and white 180 X 130 cm
Caroline Rug - Black and white 180 X 125 cm
Donna Rug - Blue and white 187 X 124 cm
Elsa Rug - Grey 243 X 157 cm
Farrah Rug - Grey 180 X 120 cm
Gaby Rug - Blue 180 X 122 cm
Helen Rug - Grey and white 180 X 118 cm
Office Chair Gas spring
Vivian Large Mirror - Liverpool range
Vivian Medium Mirror - Liverpool range
Vivian Small Mirror - Liverpool range
Barcelona chair - Ottoman Cushion 5 colours
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Shop our wide range of styles and choose from the Accessories that suits you!


Home accessories, the finishing touch

With Home accessories such as a few cushions, a new carpet, photo frames and nice vases, you give your living room a completely new look. At Furnwise we offer beautiful items for creating warmth and atmosphere. Accessories reflect your taste and personality. So give your most beautiful memories a special place. With home accessories, your home is immediately a lot nicer!

Home accessories, just a little different

The home decoration collection consists of perfect items to change your style and colour every season. In winter, you can decorate your house with warm purple. In the summer you choose fresh green. So you are always hip and trendy! At Furnwise you will find the most beautiful home accessories. Affordable and according to the latest fashion trends.

Personal shopper for every taste

Do you have a distinct taste, but little time for selecting the right home accessories? Or do you not know how to bring up the right atmosphere at home? Then contact Furnwise. Your stylist will shop the best combinations within your living style and budget. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help!

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