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Advantages and disadvantages of metal and how to maintain it
Our chairs have metal frames, metal is a strong yet easy to process material. Metal is resistant to various influences such as UV radiation, it is also easy to clean and maintain.
At Furnwise, we use different materials for our frames. Most frames we use are made of powder-coated steel, and a small part of our frames is made of chromed metal.
Advantages and disadvantages of metal
+ Durable
+ Solid
+ Tough appearance
+ Does not deform
+ Requires no maintenance
- Heavy
- Difficult to repair
- Damage can start to rust
- Not suitable for outdoor use
Powder-coated steel
Powder coating is a process that uses an electric charge to apply paint to metal. The "powder", a type of paint, becomes negatively charged. The frame becomes positively charged. Positive and negative attract, and the powder is applied to the frame in an even layer. The powder temporarily sticks to the frame because of the positive charge. After the powder is applied, the frame is placed in an oven and heated. The heat from the oven causes the powder to melt, the powder now sticks to the steel as a smooth layer.
Advantages of powder coating
There are several advantages of powder coating. For example, no solvents are used. The powder consists only of the powder itself, this means that no harmful substances are used to process the coating.
The coating is always applied with a perfect thickness. In this way, there is no waste, and the products are optimally protected. The remaining powder can be reused. Overspray, the material that does not adhere to the frames, can easily be collected and used for another frame.
Due to the negative and positive charge, the powder adheres to the frames automatically. One coat is enough for good color and protection.
Powder coating is hard. The high hardness of the powder coating ensures that the frames are not damaged and that the coating does not flake off. The frames are protected for years by the coating thus providing good and durable coverage. Powder coating is elastic and extremely resistant to wear and impact; in addition, powder coating is highly resistant to chemicals.
Chromed metal
Some of the frames you can find at Furnwise are made of chromed metal. The chrome gives a nice silver finish. The metal with a layer of chrome over it is highly resistant to corrosion, so the shine does not fade.
Chrome is applied by galvanization. The frames are placed in a container with liquid and connected to the negative pole of a power source. The negative charge causes the chromium to adhere to the frames from the liquid. The frames are removed from the liquid after several hours. After the frames have dried, they are polished to achieve the true chrome shine.
Advantages of chromium-plated metal
Chroming metals have several advantages, such as silver luster that gives the frames a beautiful shine.
Furthermore, it offers high resistance to wear, therefore, chrome stays shiny for a long time and it ensures that the frames will not rust.
Chrome is very smooth. The smoothness of chrome makes it very hygienic and because the material is flat, it can be easily kept clean.
Metal products require little maintenance when a good coating has been applied. In most cases a dry cloth is sufficient. In case of a stain a damp cloth is sufficient, the metal products must be dried thoroughly so that the metal is not in contact with moisture for too long.