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Oakwood for durable and strong tables
Oak is one of the best-known types of wood. Oak's properties are strength and hardness yet it is fairly easy to work with. Most oak products are sanded down so that the natural shapes of the tabletop are preserved. The top is then varnished to make it moisture resistant and to maintain its robust appearance. When the wood is not varnished it is susceptible to woodworm, in our blog about woodworm you can read how to protect oak wood properly.
Advantages and disadvantages of oak
+ Durable
+ Easy to paint
+ Natural look, easy to combine
- Relatively expensive
- Can splinter in some cases
- Relatively heavy
After use, the table can be easily wiped down with a slightly damp cloth to remove food scraps and light stains. When using hot objects such as pans and cups, coasters are recommended.