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Rib Fabric

Rib fabric
Pros and cons of rib fabric and how to maintain it?
Rib fabric, also known as corduroy or rib velvet, is a fabric with soft ribs running down the length of the fabric. Rib fabric has a very good and strong quality. This makes the fabric ideal for intensive home use!
Rib fabric has a fine, warm appearance and also feels wonderfully soft. The fabric fibers are resistant to the effects of direct sunlight and therefore remain extra long and beautiful. Feel free to check out all our Rib Fabric furniture, such as the armchair Standon Grey and our Emily armchairs.
To keep your rib fabric furniture beautiful even longer, it is important to occasionally roughen the fabric with a slightly damp cloth or clothing brush. Do this with care not to destroy the fabric.
Advantages and disadvantages of corduroy
+ Strong fabric
+ Wonderfully soft 
+ Good resistance to the effects of direct sunlight 
+ Warm appearance 
- A seat indentation can occur 
To keep your rib fabric furniture beautiful for longer, it is important to gently roughen the hairs now and then. Do this, especially in the areas where you often sit to prevent an indentation.
Use a slightly damp cloth for roughening and rub the fabric so that the hairs stand up again. You can also do this with a clothes brush. 
We recommend that you treat your rib fabric furniture with a protector spray for extra protection against grease, water, oil, and other stain makers. Our Textile Care Kit makes your furniture invisible stain resistant and water repellent!