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What is teak and how do you maintain it?
Teak wood comes from the teak tree. This type of wood contains an above-average amount of oil, lime, and resin which makes the wood naturally water repellent. This composition ensures that the wood does not dry out quickly and is therefore very suitable for outdoor use. Teak wood has a warm brown color which will eventually turn gray.
Advantages and disadvantages of teak
+ Durable
+ Exclusive and modern
+ Can stand up to rough treatment
+ Naturally moisture-resistant
- Quite pricey
- Heavy
- Requires occasional maintenance
After use, the table can be easily wiped down with a slightly damp cloth to remove food scraps and light stains. When using hot items such as pans and cups, coasters are recommended.
Teak table
Because the wood is naturally moisture-resistant, it is widely used in teak tables. For teak coffee tables, this means that the wood remains beautiful for a very long time and is very durable. Because of the oils in the wood, the wood hardly dries out and therefore requires little maintenance. Teak is even widely used in shipbuilding because it requires little maintenance and can withstand weather and wind.
The teakwood looks very robust but has fine markings, this provides an ideal balance between robustness and finesse. In combination with a metal frame, a teak dining room table fits perfectly in a rural, but also in an industrial interior. Teak is an affordable wood, this is reflected in the purchase value of a teak dining room table. Feel free to check out all our Teak furniture.