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The new Scandinavian living!
An interior in a Scandinavian style is completely a new trend! Characteristic of the Scandinavian living style are the natural elements, which, in combination with white and neutral shades provide peace. The interior looks clean, which is due to the use of clean lines.
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Advice when buying dining room chairs!
A dining room chair is an important part of your interior and together with the dining room table forms the basis of your dining area. To find the perfect dining room chair that fits with your wishes, you have to pay attention to a number of important factors. . But which exactly? We give you advice and tips to be aware of when choosing your dining room chairs
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The perfect industrial floor lamp for your interior!
An industrial interior is the trend of today! An industrial interior is particularly characterized by the use of sturdy and robust materials. In which much use is made of the combination of metal and wood. This is mainly based on the factory buildings from the 19th and 20th century. The factory halls with the rough walls, concrete floors and high windows in which the pipes and drain pipes are not covered but are fully visible.
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How to make the most of the long summer days on your own furnished balcony.
Enjoying these long summer days on your own furnished balcony, who would not want that? You enjoy your balcony to the fullest if you have fun and cozy furnishings. This week we will give you 5 tips and a good dose of inspiration on how to make your balcony "summer-proof" and decorate it as cozy as possible!
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Do you recognize that feeling? That nice fresh feeling after you cleaned up the house?
Do you recognize that feeling? That nice fresh feeling after you cleaned up the house? I myself always have the tendency to change the whole interior mid summer. In my case especially in terms of accessories, because in our current house the layout is quite fixed.
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