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Tropical atmospheres in the house!
Spring has just begun, the days are getting longer and we want to renovate our house and make it ready for spring. A new upcoming interior trend is botanical living, also known as botanical or urban jungle.This trend is characterized by natural materials, striking colors and prints and many flowers and plants.
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Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Bedroom on a Tight Budget
Some people dread to revamp their room. They feel they will spend a few months salary on bedroom decor. However, that is not the case. These tips will definitely transform your room into a more cosy and comfortable space. Shop our wide range of Bedroom accessories and Bedside tables to remodel your bedroom.
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The new rural living
Rural living has been a trend for years. In the current time in which everything seems to be fast and rushed, there is a great demand for peace and warmth in our interior.
But much has changed in recent years in the national current. Rural living can quickly appear old-fashioned, full and busy.
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How to make your house spring-proof!
Nothing better than that wonderful spring feeling in the beginning of the year. Even in spring it can still be gray and rainy. How do you still get the spring in your house? With these easy tips you can turn your house into a spring-proof palace.
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The new Scandinavian living!
An interior in a Scandinavian style is completely a new trend! Characteristic of the Scandinavian living style are the natural elements, which, in combination with white and neutral shades provide peace. The interior looks clean, which is due to the use of clean lines.
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