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    1 march 2018

    Tips for a retro interior

    Retro living may sound a bit "dusty" for many, but nothing is less true: a retro interior is on the rise again! Sometimes the terms "retro" and "vintage" are used interchangeably, yet they are not the same. By "vintage" we mean something that is old, or at least: older than the 80s, better known as reused. By "retro" we mean new products in an old jacket, mostly inspired by the 60s and 70s. You see more and more furniture that is inspired by these times. Wondering how you apply the retro living trend in your home? This week we give you residential inspiration and tips for a retro interior!


    The retro style might have one of the most striking and distinctive colours and patterns, and we mean that positively! Colours and patterns play an important role in the retro interior. Colours that we see a lot are orange, red, green, (ocher) yellow and brown. These are the colours that give your interior that typical retro atmosphere, in addition the colours are warm and they immediately create a cozy atmosphere in your home. A combination of multiple colours is characteristic of this style, such as combining different colours of chairs around the dining room table. In a retro interior you do not have to stick to one particular accent colour. When the base colour is neutral, you can completely pimp it with different colours of accessories and furniture!


    The use of crazy, busy patterns for, for example, the wallpaper and / or carpets is also typical for the retro interior. The zigzag pattern, or other busy round patterns, is often seen here. "Less is more" is certainly not something that goes with this living trend!


    Retro furniture is hot and back again! Scandinavian designers picked this up early and are again inspired by the earlier times. Dining chairs, armchairs or sofas with a retro look are not to be missed in most residential boulevards. Characteristic of the retro furniture are the striking colours such as ocher yellow, blue, old pink and brown, typical round narrow legs and buttons on the seat. The slender legs that are really typical of the retro style from the 1960s, for example, it is also reflected in the modern retro interior. Because of this design, furniture seems less "clumsy" and you create an open and transparent interior. Retro furniture is available in different colours and often all colours are combined for the typical retro style. A brightly coloured sofa or chair should not be missing when you want to apply the retro living trend in your interior!

    Other furniture such as TV furniture, dressers and coffee tables are also available in a retro atmosphere. Characteristic of these retro furniture is the use of wood, which usually has a rather dark, warm colour. But nowadays we also see a lot of retro furniture with a Scandinavian touch and the use of light or white wood. The slanted round pots are also characteristic of this.

    Corduroy Black Framed Chair Anthracite               Libro Dining Chair Light Grey

    Corduroy Black dining chair                       Libro dining chair light grey


    With the accessories in your home you can go all-out with the retro style. Mix and match different colours, styles and shapes for a retro look in your home! For example, a retro lamp, or retro poster on the wall. Characteristic of a retro interior are also beautiful large plants, or a combination of large and small plants mixed together. Cacti are still hot and happening and also fit well in the retro living style at home!

    A nice retro carpet provides a lot of atmosphere and warmth in the house. A retro Persian rug provides a lot of interior atmosphere and ensures that your feet stay warm in a stylish way. Place the rug in the living room near the couch, or in the bedroom next to your bed, so that you end up on a soft surface when you get out of bed. The sphere-worlds always do well, because they provide a cozy and authentic look in the house.

    Small Vintage GlobeLarge Vintage Globe

    Small vintage globe                       Large vintage globe     



    Characteristic materials for the retro trend are the use of wood, which usually has a rather dark, warm colour. But nowadays we also see a lot of retro furniture with a Scandinavian touch and the use of light or white wood. Certain floors are typical of the living trend, for example wooden floors in herringbone pattern. Chic, with a nod to the 60s and 70s. Also plastic objects in colourful bright colours are retro and make the style what it is today, namely exciting and modern.

    Brandy Plastic Dining Chair Lime GreenMetly Plastic Dining Chair White and Black  Caden Plastic Dining Chair Black

    Brandy dining chair green            Metly dining chair white           Caden dining chair black

    Dark teak is a very popular material for the retro look. Especially the combination of this type of wood with subdued shapes and a cheerful variety of colours is very retro!

    Also typical for this style is a mix of different natural materials such as leather, linen, wood and stone.

    A trend that can also be implemented in retro home accessories is the use of rattan. The familiar Rattan furniture we all know from the sixties, but in 2016 rattan is completely back. This trend is perfect to give your home a summery touch!


    In a retro interior, the way in which a piece of furniture is designed is essential. Organic, geometric and curved patterns and shapes are a must in a retro home. Functionality of the furniture element was more prominent than the appearance in the 50s and 60s. Nowadays we see more a combination of form and functionality. Furniture pieces that look visually attractive must also be comfortable and functional at the same time.


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