The Barcelona chair, a benchmark for industrial design

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The Barcelona chair, a benchmark for industrial design

Not a name like many others, that of Mies van der Rohe is in the top ten of the most well-known in design sector and this is not surprising considering the contribution to the world from the projects during his years in the design industry. The Barcelona Chair and Ottoman are a benchmark for industrial design, architecture, and design in general. They illustrate the principles of “Less is more” and “Form follows function” – which are the basis of today’s digital design, architecture, industrial design, etc.

The Barcelona Chair and Ottoman were designed by Ludwig Mies van de Rohe and Lilly Reich. They were created for the International Exposition of 1929, which took place in Barcelona – more specifically, for the German pavilion in that exposition. They were meant for the Spanish King and Queen to sit on, while observing the opening ceremonies.


In 1953, Rohe granted the production rights to a company called Knoll, and Knoll has been producing the chairs ever since. The Barcelona Chair and Ottoman are one of the most iconic and recognized objects of our time, yet they can find their way to anyone’s home. As they were created in the era of Bauhaus, they are a functional piece of art, available to everyone and not just the select few. Well, maybe not to everyone: to those who are able to afford it.


This state-of-the-art piece of furniture is rather on the expensive side. The Barcelona Chair costs $5271 and the Barcelona Ottoman costs $2492. Together, they add up to almost $8000. The Barcelona Chair and Ottoman have been replicated by multiple companies in different variations, and sold under many names. However, nothing says more about an aspiring architect or designer than owning a Barcelona Chair or Barcelona Ottoman.

The best place to get the Barcelona Ottoman is obviously Barcelona. Many people not only order Ottomans from the city but also come to visit the birthplace of the stool. If you are not looking to spend thousands and thousands of pounds for a Barcelona chair is the place to go. With Barcelona chairs starting from as little as £359,95

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  1. emma emma

    I love the Barcelona chair, it's so elegant and comfy. I think this is one of the best projects of Mies, designed a simple yet so versatile chair. Although I have a Barcelona chair replica from Barcelona Designs, it's more than enough to appreciate its wotk.

  2. Steve Jones Steve Jones

    Barcelona Chair and Ottoman both are looking great, Ludwig Mies van de Rohe and Lilly Reich have done a good job and set an example for all designers.

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