Maintaining your Furnwise dining chairs

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Maintaining your Furnwise dining chairs

Maintenance is key. If you keep your chairs spotlessly clean, they will always look good and be sure to last longer. In this week's blog Furnwise will advice you on how to keep your (leather)chairs in top condition.

Furniture from Furnwise is designed and manufactured to last for many years. To ensure the greatest possible enjoyment from your furniture and the longest lifespan, it is important that it is properly looked after. When solid wood furniture is correctly maintained and exposed to daylight, over the years the wood will acquire a beautiful patina. As wood is a living natural product, color variations and knots as well as lines in the finished furniture may occur.

Solid wood is a living material that is affected by daylight, temperature and humidity. The ideal relative humidity for solid wood chairs is between 30% and 60%. Solid wood furniture should therefore not be placed too close to heat sources such as wood-burning stoves or radiators.


Leather has come of age in the realm of dining chairs, and whether you are furnishing your own home or an up-market restaurant, leather is certainly a material to seriously consider. Not only do leather dining room chairs look stylish and attractive, they are also considerably easier to clean and care for than many other chairs used for the same function. And they last longer than those upholstered with fabric.

So let’s assume you have decided to go the leather route, here are some really useful tips that will teach you how to protect, condition, clean and care for leather dining room chairs with minimum effort.

Top Tips to Help you Keep your Leather Dining Chairs Top Class

Maintenance is key. If you keep your chairs spotlessly clean, they will always look good and be sure to last longer. Dust and vacuum them regularly and don’t allow any sort of muck and dirt to accumulate in crevices and corners. Over time any sort of dirt will wear away at, and ultimately damage the leather.

Regularly condition your leather dining chairs to prevent the leather from cracking, but be sure that the treatment you use is suitable for the type and color leather used for your chairs.

When somebody spills something on your leather chairs (and it will happen), clean it immediately, but avoid flushing it with water because this encourages cracking. If you act fast, a damp cloth or sponge should do the trick. Staining may call for some professional assistance.


Even if your gorgeous leather dining room chairs haven’t been the victim of spillages, be sure to clean them regularly. Saddle soap, which is manufactured specifically for cleaning leather saddles, is particularly good product to use. It is simple to use, and cleans and conditions at the same time. It is also remarkably inexpensive.


If you are flummoxed about dirt and stains, don’t fiddle and experiment; rather take your chair to a professional. It might cost you more to sort out initially, but you will save your investment long term.

At the end of the day, if you buy a good quality dining room chair that is made from leather, provided you keep it clean and care for it over time, you will have an investment. If you don’t bother to care for it, you are going to risk wasting your money, although leather will survive the tests of time, even without much human help!



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