Light your home stylishly

Light your home stylishly

Light is a key part to interior decoration. The design of your lamps does not only determine their look, but also the type of light they give off. In this article you will find out about some of the newest trends in using light in your interior design.

Now that nightfall is coming earlier and earlier, it becomes more and more important to add some lovely lights to your interior design. This year there are, once again, many new trends in the field of lighting your home. We are here to give you a sneak peek at the new trends and how to apply them stylishly to your own interior design!


Feathers are hot! We already saw feathers used extensively in interior design: in paintings, on posters, or as general decoration. However, now the trend has expanded and we now have, for example, lamps made of feathers. These create a unique experience in your interior. A beautiful hanging lamp can function as a lovely, soft cloud of feathers in your home. The lamp creates a unique source of light and the light, filtered through feathers, creates additional warmth. A feather lamp turns any room into a warm, light place!


Open lighting

As you might have noticed in the past few years, it has become acceptable to display light bulbs instead of hiding them away. As the years have passed, more and more unique ideas have come up to really put the lightbulb on display! Through the use of innovative techniques such as laser cutting and 3d printing we continue to see new and original lamp designs. Of course the lightbulb itself should also look good, which is why we recommend a carbon-filament lamp in a warm colour. This will really emphasize the beautiful atmosphere the lamp creates.



If you really want to make a statement you can do so by using a tough looking concrete lamp in your interior. Concrete is an almost universally present element in most interior design and it gives your home a tough and vintage look. This year we see even more creative designs for concrete lamps, like ones which use a completely visible lightbulb or at least expose it partially.



Gold is THE new colour in in interior design in 2017 and has made a complete comeback. A golden lamp is the perfect way to give your interior a luxurious and stylish touch! This year we see gold lamps in all kinds of extravagant shapes: in great golden palm trees and other unique designs, but also in simpler designs with notable shapes. Especially in an interior with darker colours a gold lamp is a splendid addition to the whole design.


Marble in interior design is nothing new, but it has been on something of a vacation. Marble started its comeback in 2016 and in 2017 it is clear marble is made to stay. This natural stone is a beautiful material that, because of its simplicity, exudes calm and elegance. It is no wonder this trend is returning! In lighting we also see marble come forward more and more, from lightbulbs with marble accents to lamps with completely marble elements.


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