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    Luminary Floor Lamp Moss Musk

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    Product description

    Luminary Floor Lamp Moss Musk

    Enter a realm where sustainability intertwines with style, where each whisper of light tells a tale of eco-conscious elegance. Behold our Luminary Floor Lamp MossMusk, a masterpiece born from the earth's embrace.

    Crafted from the seasoned wisdom of reclaimed teak wood, this lamp embodies the essence of renewal, each curve and grain a testament to nature's enduring beauty. Picture the soft glow that emanates from its heart, a gentle dance of illumination through playful openings, casting shadows that weave tales of enchantment upon your sanctuary.

    In the quiet of your space, immerse yourself in the symphony of light and shadow, as if the forest itself has found its way into your home. Available in two other sizes, this luminary beckons you to create a harmonious ensemble, a sanctuary where nature's grace abounds.

    For the spirit of reverence, we recommend the use of our LED Light Bulb Pear, a beacon of sustainability amidst the beauty.

    Illuminate your space with the Luminary Floor Lamp MossMusk – where nature's beauty and modern design intertwine to create a truly captivating experience.

    Material lamp 

    Crafted from reclaimed teak wood, the Luminary Floor Lamp MossMusk embodies the essence of sustainable design. Each piece of teak carries a story of renewal and rebirth, adding depth and character to this eco-friendly masterpiece. Sourced from responsibly managed forests and salvaged from old structures, the teak used in the lamp reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical sourcing practices.

    From the sun-soaked forests to the heart of your home, the journey of the reclaimed teak wood in the Luminary Floor Lamp MossMusk is a testament to the transformative power of sustainability. By choosing this lamp, you're not just lighting up a room – you're igniting a spark of change, one beautiful, eco-friendly piece at a time.Check out ''The Luminaries''

    Light source type
    Our lamps are sold without light sources, Choose LED Light Bulb Pear, for a beautiful whole and a wonderful atmosphere. This light source is an addition to the lighting in your interior. 

    The right kind of lighting makes or breaks your favourite piece of furniture. With this light source, you can be sure that you are on the right track! 


    • E27 Fitting
    • 40 Watt
    • Exclusive light source
    • Clean with a slightly damp cloth


    • Width: 40 cm
    • Depth: 40 cm
    • Height: 104 cm
    • Control: Button on cord
    • Light source included: No
    • Maintenance: Wipe with a slightly damp cloth
    • Lamp shade: 22 cm
    • Material lighting - fixture: wood
    • Material lighting - lampshade: wood
    • Material lighting - cord: plastic

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