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    8 march 2018

    How to: create the ultimate workplace at home!

    Do you want a workplace at home? What are the essentials for an ultimate workplace? Do not start just like that, setting up a workplace is very important for labor productivity. How do you create your ultimate workplace at home? This week Furnwise helps you find out!


    Did you know that daylight is extremely important for your productivity? Sufficient light makes you less fatigued and it has a positive effect on our biorhythm. So do you have the opportunity to create a workplace for a window? Certainly do!

    Unfortunately, daylight can also have a disadvantage. When the sun is shining very bright on your face, you may suffer from concentration problems,take this into account!

    Do you not have that much daylight or do you work especially in the evening? Then good lighting is essential! In addition, it is not only attractive, but also functional! Don’t have much space on your desk? Then use hanging or wall lamps.


    Choose the right temperature

    The right temperature also influences your concentration. Make sure it is not too cold, but also not too hot at your workplace. The best temperature seems to be around 21 degrees. At a temperature below 15 degrees or above 25 degrees, we become less productive.


    An inspiring workplace is a must! It does not have to be boring at all. Dress it up with personal items and hang some fun on the wall. Think of a poster, nice pictures or a memo board. There are a lot of variants in the field of wall decorations, give your own twist to what is nice for you! The sphere-worlds always do well, because they provide a cozy and authentic look in the house.

    Small Vintage Globe        Large Vintage Globe

         Small vintage globe                   Large vintage globe

    Go green!

    Also a real must, nice plants for the look-and-feel of your workplace. But that is not the only thing, did you know that plants prevent stress and improve concentration and memory?

    A small piece of nature on your desk can have a calming effect. dont that much space on your desk? Go for a beautiful plant hanger on the ceiling! It is not only beautiful and stylish, but also very good for you!


    Keep it neat

    Prevent clutter and stress by using storage boxes or baskets. Metal baskets are real eye catchers. They are not only functional but also ensures a cozy atmosphere! Show them and use the baskets to have your essential items quickly at hand!


    Workplace in your living room

    Are you going for a workplace in your living room? Make sure that your workplace is nicely decorated, so that it is part of the living space. A living room is nice, but remember that you have to be orderly.

    Pay sufficient attention to the furniture

    It is very important to pay enough attention to the furniture. You have a desk in different types and sizes: small, large and with or without storage space. But more importantly: a good office chair. It is not only good work, it also saves you a lot of physical complaints! Therefore go in search of a good chair where you with your legs on the ground and your legs in a 90 degree angle. Also make sure that you can sit upright on the chair with your shoulders relaxed. So pay attention to the functionality of the office chair in addition to the appearance!

    Small Boss Office Chair WhiteBig Don Office Chair BlackBig Boss Office Chair Cognac

      The Small boss office chair                   The Big Don office chair                                                   The Big Boss office chair

    Create your favorite coffee corner

    To finish your workplace completely it is very nice to make a coffee corner! Look for a roll-down table or sidetable, pile up some nice cups and create your own coffee corner as you like it! So you can take a break, because that is also very important!

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